Best Interior Designers in London

Many consider London to be the home of interior design. It boasts some of the most traditionally stunning and also some of the most cutting edge and pioneering interior designers in the world, with incredible houses to match.
Best Interior Designers in London

But it is difficult to know who too turn to for what job. Naturally, to hire one of the top designers you need a sizeable budget and a property to tempt them with. At that level it is not so much about the money but the prestige for them!

Here are our top four pioneers of Interior Designer London brings to the table in 2013:

Ashley Hicks

Ashley topped the Sunday Times top 50 interior designers list. They described his work as ‘modern eccentric, historically inspired.’

His work is not at all of the taste of this particular writer. I find his colours too bold and his patterns too stand-outish, making for a loud, very unrelaxing atmosphere.  However, if what you are looking for is a room with attitude and eccentricity, then look no further!

Regardless of your tastes, no one can deny the level of professionalism and detail that goes into all of his jobs. And for that alone he deserves to be on this list.

Martin Waller

Martin Waller is something of a rockstar in the London interior design scene.  His client base ranges from monarchs to movie stars, and everything in between. His designs are very masculine and strong, with boldness and strength dominating his approach. Extraordinarily creative, he is a definitely belongs on this list.

Turner Pocock

If you are looking for an interior designer that specialises in contemporary city dwelling, then look no further than Turner Pocock. They specialise in bold contemporary elegance, with a twist of traditional comfort. Their interiors seem to have the look of something that would appeal to film stars, footballers and modern art lovers. A definite nice but the leaders of that niche and well worth a look in.

Caroline Harrowby

Caroline Harrowby, or The Countess of Harrowby, has been around for a while, previously working under her former name ‘Caroline Sandon’.

She is one of the world’s leading interior designers of large stately homes, and has carved herself a niche for Italian villas, manor houses, stately homes and traditional British comfort with a subtle modern flavour.

Her client list ranges from British aristocracy to hedge fund managers and everything in between.

Our favourite interior designer on this list, her rooms blend effortlessly to create sophisticate yet comfortable beauty.

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