Can You Live In A Summerhouse?

Young people are finding it very difficult to raise the funds needed to put down as a deposit towards a mortgaged property or the advance payment required to rent a home. It isn’t just the deposit money they need to collect together as there are often fees and solicitors bills to pay at the same time.

This is when more and more people are asking if they can live in a garden summerhouse, perhaps in their parent’s garden, so that they can live in an element of privacy, yet without emptying all of their savings.

Can You Live In A Summerhouse

Can You Live In A Summerhouse

Check out your local authority planning rules

When you look at the various models of garden summer rooms available, it becomes obvious quite quickly that you can build, from kit form, a suitable unit in your garden so that someone can live in it.

The initial difficulties associated to adding a garden summerhouse away from your main property are the decisions regarding electricity, water and heating. You need to know how you are going to deal with these items or whether you’re expecting the people that live in your garden summerhouse to use the main property for its bathroom facilities, for example.

The government gives out mixed information about whether it’s legal to put a garden summerhouse away from your property and have people live there. In some documents you will see they say it is acceptable and in others they say that any new building mustn’t be separate from the main building if it has self-contained living accommodation.

You will need to make enquiries with your local authority to see what their attitude and rules are to someone living in a garden summerhouse.

Most local authorities would prefer it if people don’t live in summerhouse rooms, in your garden. They suggest it is unfair for neighbours to have additional people living in a garden.

Common sense would suggest that you won’t want to live in a garden summerhouse, but the reality of the recession and people’s financial situations, dictate that people have to think out of the box to exist, comfortably.

A garden summerhouse can make a perfect spare room

Locating a garden summer room close to your property, can be a perfect place for temporary guests, especially if you don’t have enough sleeping area within your home. As we tend to use small bedrooms in homes as games rooms, home offices and home gyms, there is usually no spare space to put down a bed for visitors. This is where a garden summerhouse becomes the perfect spare room.

It will cost much less to build a summerhouse room than it will to add an extension to your property. If you buy a summerhouse room in kit form, you can have your garden summer room up and running in a few days.

You should use a qualified electrician and a qualified plumber if you’re going to add an electric and water supply to your garden summerhouse, and this isn’t too difficult a task for an expert, but is usually beyond the skills of standard DIY work.

If circumstances persist and you need to live full-time in a garden summerhouse, you will want to make the best of circumstances and if a local authority doesn’t pass permission for you to live there permanently, it is only if someone complains to them, will they ever find out about your living conditions.

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