Caring for Oak Office Furniture

Once you’ve reached the point in your career or job where you can finally have the office you’ve always wanted, it will be necessary to decorate it in the appropriate fashion. Don’t take this matter lightly because the decorations you choose will directly reflect on your taste and your position in the business. Therefore, it will be very important that you select the proper furniture type and material that shows how you want others to see you.

Many people choose pine furniture because of its versatility, affordability and easy maintenance. However, for a completely classy office appearance, you may want to consider choosing oak furniture. Yes, it is a bit more expensive but it will also last much longer than other types of wood and is relatively easy to maintain in spite of what you may have been told.

Oak Office Furniture

Oak Office Furniture

Having said that, oak office furniture does have a few definite requirements to keep it looking good. To begin with, your office must have decent air conditioning because oak reacts to significant temperature changes. It may contract or expand, depending on how servere the weather and humidity changes are. Oak also needs to be sheltered from direct sunlight so you may need to install heavy drapes in your office.

It’s advised that oak office furniture not be moved around a lot within the office as it might cause scratches to the furniture. Dust the furniture often and use drawers and cabinets gently. This goes a long way to protect the oak.

You shouldn’t use wood polish a lot on oak because it can cause too much dust to settle on the furniture. This will take away the oak’s moisture and ruin its appearance. Don’t ever use harsh cleaners on oak or it will dry out the wood.

Be sure to always use a coaster when setting a drink on the oak office furniture. In that way, the moisture from the glass won’t be sucked into the furniture. Be very careful not to spill liquids on it because moisture is quite damaging to oak wood. If you do spill something, don’t rub it while cleaning or it will ruin the look of the furniture.

Just by doing these simple things, your oak office furniture can look beautiful for many years to come.

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