Essential Router Aid Projects For Your Woodshop

Woodworkers realize the router is an essential tool in the craft. Without this basic tool the vast majority of woodworking projects would be extremely difficult if not impossible to create. However, you can only make use of this wide range of woodworking functions if you train yourself to use the wood router efficiently. It is also critical that you maintain your equipment in good working order for the tool to create clean, uniform cuts.

Essential Router Aid Projects For Your Woodshop

Essential Router Aid Projects For Your Woodshop

The router is essential for creating the grooves and slots required for desks and cabinets. Fancy decorative edges and designs would only be possible by hand carving if the router had never been created. There are several items that can help make this multi-talented tool even more effective and easy to use.

A Routing Jig can help make working with small stock much safer and easier. It is especially useful for holding small work like dresser and cabinet knobs without injuring yourself.

A Dado Jig is used to help maintain an exact width on straight stock. This way all you need is a simple straight bit and guide bushing for consistent sides to cabinets or bookcases.

Your routing table can make cutting grooves and dadoes in small project pieces much more quickly by making a Sliding Top to go on your table. It can speed up your work at the same time it keeps you safer from accidents.

Since there are many types and sizes of bits for the wide range of cuts your router is capable of, having them organized for quick selection is highly important for an efficient shop. Building a shelf specifically to hold your router bits and shafts in order or size and function will save you huge amounts of time in the future.

Finally you will want to create router templates for some of the most common cuts and edgings. Making these templates has the added benefit of helping your learn more about how the tool works. Then the finished project will make your future work go more quickly, smoothly and consistent. Router templates are a sure win-win item for your wood shop.

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