How to Go About Properly Sanding a Wooden Floor

There are a variety of different types of wood floors that you could possibly have. Your wooden floors could be soft wood, hardwood or strip wood. If you plan on sanding you floors to renew them and get that shiny polished look again then there are some simple guidelines that you should follow in order to reach that goal.

You could DIY this task or you could be hiring a belt sander. If you plan to hire a belt sander then it is recommended that you make sure that he has a dust extraction.

How to Go About Properly Sanding a Wooden Floor

How to Go About Properly Sanding a Wooden Floor

The reason you will want to do this is because not all of the contractors will have one handy and if they do not then you will be stuck cleaning up lots of dust after the task is completed which could be quite exhausting. A drum lift lever is a must as well so that there are little to no marks being left on the floor after the job is completed.

Preparation is a phase of the task that is very important because you will want to make certain that you have all of the materials that are needed to get the job done correctly. For the most part you need to make sure that you have a good finishing sander for this task. The nails and staples that you being punched into the floors need to be aligned properly and not give off a tacky appearance. When the appearance is proper then there will be less of a chance that any sparks could occur which could cause a fire.

What Sandpaper should I use?

The sandpaper that you use on your wooden floors would all depend on what condition your floors are in. Are your floors in a commercial or a domestic environment? The grit that you use on your floors could range anywhere from being a 24-36. This will cause for you to check the composition of your floor so you will know exactly what sandpaper you need to use on it.

After you have figured out the composition of the floor you will then need to start sanding your floors with the correct sandpaper. When working on wooden floors that are not level you’ll need to make sure you are sanding your floors at an angle; a 15 degree angle to be precise, so that the sanding process will come out flat and perfect.

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