How to Keep Your Garage Safe and Secure

Some people with older model garages may be concerned about the safety of them, and if they are really secure enough to protect their cars from common intruders. However, there are few steps you can take in getting your garage armed with some security features that can help keep your car safe from thieves.

The first thing you will need to do to improve your garage security is have a durable material for your garage. Flimsy aluminum is easy to break into. So, if you can afford it, have your garage built with brick or a thick metal. After you are certain of your garage’s resilient material, then you can start securing the building. Following are the basic things you will need, and the actions you must take in order to secure your garage:

Keep Your Garage Safe and Secure

Keep Your Garage Safe and Secure

1. Get a garage door opener. With one of these, you will have a better control of who opens your garage, and when you open it. Having a garage opener will also let you remain safely in your car in case someone is lurking around waiting for you to get out.

2. Secure all doors and windows. The security of your garage also directly relates to the security of your home. Most garages are connected to the home by a poorly made screen door. If an intruder makes it into your garage, breaking into your home wouldn’t be that much harder. So, to stop the intruder from getting into your home, find a sturdy door with a strong lock to connect to the garage. Also, be sure that any windows in the garage are sealed off tight, shatter resistant, and secured with a strong lock.

3. Practice awareness. The most important way to keep yourself and your home safe from people that want to break in is to be smart. If you tend to arrive home from work late at night, take in a careful gaze of your surroundings. If you spot anything out of the ordinary, remain very cautious.

Some criminals are known to sneak into a garage alongside your vehicle, or right behind it. Stay locked in your car and look around before proceeding into the garage. Also, scan the garage.

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