How to Make Your Home a Safer Place

If you look into the statistics of home invasion and burglary, it’s kind of a scary thing to think about. It has been happening more and more often these days, but there are ways to protect yourself and your home from that kind of situation.

It is completely up to you and whether or not you are dedicated enough to take a little time out of your busy schedule to put up some security reinforcements. It is not hard, and it really doesn’t take that much time to accomplish. Listed below are some simple things that you can start with:

Make Your Home a Safer Place

Make Your Home a Safer Place

1. Examine your home. Go over windows and doors to make sure there is no weakness in the lock. If you can afford it, Schantz Roofing recommends replacing your windows with shatter resistant glass and buy a stronger lock. Do the same for any doors that may have glass or older locks. Also, look for weak points or holes in your walls or floor. If any are found, fix them as soon as possible.

2. Show intruders that you are prepared. You don’t need to set up a security system like a scene from Home Alone, but it doesn’t hurt to show off a little for attempted intruders. Do the obvious installments for your home such as deadbolts or barred windows to let intruders know that you are aware and on your guard, and that your home will probably be a lot harder to break into and get away with it. Make your home look intimidating.

3. Leave a light or a TV on when you are not home. It may be a little more on the electric bill, but if you don’t leave often, then it’s not a bad idea. Doing this will make the burglars think that you are home when you’re not. This will make them less likely to attempt a break-in. You could also install a motion activated security light outdoors, or you can keep a porch light on to increase the chance of them being spotted by neighbors who could call the police.

4.  Set noisy things around the home. If you put your pet’s food and water right under a window someone breaks in through, they’ll probably stumble over it.

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