How to Style your Home

When it comes to DIY home renovations and decorations style and taste can be two of the biggest hurdles getting in your way. Knowing what you want from your improvements and what you want to achieve when its all done can be paramount to the success of the change.

Some things like painting walls or rearranging furniture can be planned in advance and changed at a later time, but when it comes to buying specific products or furnishing, it can be best to do your research and find out a little more about what you are buying before you make the payment.

Layout and Décor

The layout and flow of a room is very important when considering re designing your home or current décor, by simply moving your existing furniture around you can create a new and exciting ambience, moving the sofa from one side of a room to another and potential adding some extra features such as s coffee table could be a good way to open up a rooms floor area.

Lighting and Ambience

Using different bulb styles, colours and wattages of lighting can affect the brightness of a room and the way a room feels to those in it. Depending on where your lights are situated in a room can vary the feel of the room throughout an evening, having a selection of both up and down lighting can balance a room, where should a room be fitted with spotlights or downlights, you can be sure of unflattering shadows and low drawn-out faces dotting a room, by simply adding a couple of desk lamps or table lights, you should be able to counteract this shadow effect and make both the room and your guests feel much happier in their surroundings.

Swapping out old bulbs for new, replacement LED lights and LED bulbs can be a cheap and easy way to create new moods in an existing room and also with your existing light fittings as modern LED lights are often sold as direct replacement for existing bulbs, your only necessity is to find out what style of base fitting your existing lights are, whether they carry a driver or not (generally only in 12v lighting, be sure to check and isolate the electric supply before attempting to swap downlight and spotlight drivers though – see here) and what type of wattage you need to replace, sometimes with LED bulbs its best to go a bit brighter than your existing bulbs or at least choose a LED light tone of either Cool Blue (to give a modern effect) or Warm White (yellow tinted bulbs which can look somewhat green too in bright/ white painted rooms) are the best options. If you want that modern look always go for Cool Blue LED light bulbs in whatever fitting you need, like these found online.

Furnishing and Coverings

Swapping all your furniture at once can be extremely costly and as such most people will add to their collections over time, sofas and chairs are often bought in matching sets, but some people prefer to mix and match their furniture with time, spending more on single items over time and then maintain the item so that it last for years… some go for matching sets which can be paid off over a couple of years, once these payments are made the items can sometimes need replacing.

Decide what you want from your house and then perhaps decide if you are into throwaway home furnishing fashions or if you are the kind of person who cherishes items and furnishing, this way you should be happy with the items you have bought already and be able to make a few simple colour and lighting changes to make your home look shiny and new.

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