Indoor Plant Lights & Grow Bulbs

Plants are like children. They need to be outdoors and enjoy the nice sunny days of spring and summer. They need proper nutrition to grow and flourish. Most importantly, being a couch potato will do them great harm. Plants are like children, but unlike people nutrition and health for plants comes from sunlight.

Having adequate sunlight is the equivalent of plentiful food and good exercise. Poor sunlight is like a diet of bread and water while being jailed. If you want to keep your plants green and healthy make sure they have the right light. If you want to maintain plants indoors this means you face very specific challenges that are best addressed by auxiliary lighting.

Indoor Plant Lights

Indoor Plant Lights

Basic Care & Lighting

Let’s go back to the basic biology. Plant and animal cells both have mitochondria which produce energy as needed by breaking down complex carbohydrates. Plant cells uniquely contain chloroplasts which use the materials in water and carbon dioxide to produce those carbohydrates. In order to make this chemical change, however, the plants require light. Brighter white light, containing a full spectrum of colors is best. While some plants have varying abilities to live in less light to one degree or another all plant life, indeed all life is dependent on the sun to power our bodies.

Indoor Bonsai Tree Lighting

So your plant needs to get the proper amount of light, even though you might grow it indoors. In order to properly care for your plants, first determine what their light requirements are. For some plants normal office and home lighting is enough. Others may require much more. Depending on your exact requirements you can determine what kind of lighting is required or choose plants which will thrive in your current environment. A variety of indoor plant lights & grow bulbs are available to help you meet that requirement. Bulbs come in every variety from spectrum specific, to intensive or even moderate light.

Where To Place Your Bonsai Tree

Depending on the layout of our room, it might be best to arrange your plants and lights away from common seating and foot traffic. Plants and people often require different lighting levels and mixing the two can be uncomfortable. Bright lights create glare for your workers and customers. Especially in a room decorated with glass or chrome the reflection from the lights can be difficult. Also keep in mind that TV and computer screens require dimmer lights in order to prevent glare and eye strain. Bright lights in the wrong place causes more problems than beautiful plants can solve.

Finally, there are some things to think about when displaying your plants. Remember that especially extreme lighting will fade furniture, wallpaper and carpets over time. By segregating the plant life into a single area you can limit the damage as well as create an attractive foliage display. Trim the area with small deterrent walls. These will help to protect the plants and avoid placing anyone in the glare of high intensity lights. Use hydroponic trays to catch excess water and avoid reflections by placing rocks around the plants in the tray.

Taking care of your bonsai tree requires patience and diligence. If you are interested in reading more about bonsai tree care and proper techniques in the placement, lighting and watering of your bonsai tree, visit – The Best Online Guide To Bonsai Trees. This website also offers trees, bonsai tree products and accessories for sale.

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