Replacing Your Old Showerhead

Out of all of the DIY projects around today, replacing your old showerhead has to be one of the simplest ones that you can do. It takes very little effort, but it is something that you can mess up badly if you aren’t careful. It really depends on the type of shower head that you get. You can get one that is more like an attachable second head, but that one isn’t as good of a replacement as an actual replacement is.

So, to begin replacing your shower head, go buy your replacement head, as well as the tools you will need for the project. You will need a pipe wrench, some Teflon tape, and possibly some pliers. To protect the shower head from the wrench, you may also want to use a rag to wrap around it so it won’t get dented or cracked in case you use excessive pressure.

Replacing Your Old Showerhead

Replacing Your Old Showerhead

The removal of the showerhead is a somewhat delicate process. It could be covered in lime or rust that makes it harder to remove. If that’s the case, this is where you will want to use the wrenches and rags to gently twist it off. When it is off of the steam pipe, clean the steam pipe of any rust or lime build up before installing the new one. Use the Teflon tape around the threads of the steam pipe so it will be easier to install the new one.

It’s not too much of a task to install the new shower head, especially if the model you chose can simply be screwed on. After it’s all screwed on, turn it on and test it out. You wouldn’t want to find out that it wasn’t working properly by standing in front of it for your next shower, which is why testing is so important. There is the possibility that you can be injured if the shower head is not attached properly, so never overestimate your abilities.

You can use whatever model you want. Showerheads these days come in a multitude of styles. They can hold a variety of different settings, and also look cool or fashionable while they do it. Whatever they are, they will look better than rusted old showerheads.

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