Step by Step Guide to Properly Painting your Ceiling

A common scene in the homes of uneducated ceiling painters is a disastrous one. The ceiling paint looks clumpy and uneven, the walls and floor are splattered and the ceiling itself is probably in such bad shape that it will need to have all of the paint scraped off to be redone. Don’t waste your efforts in guessing. Know what you’re in for before you do it.

Painting ceilings is one of the easiest painting tasks to mess up if you are unprepared. If you want it done the right way, here’s what you’ve got to do.

1. Clear off any and all debris on the ceiling. This could be dead bugs, cobwebs, or loose paint that has chipped off.

2. Scrub your ceiling clean. Remove any old stains or sticky spots. Sticky spots can cause the roller to stick and will make the paint look wrinkly.

3. Fill any and all cracks and holes in the ceiling, and then sand them off for a smooth and even surface. While you’re at it, you will also want to fix any leaks that may be in the room you are about to paint.

4. Clear out the room and lay down a tarp over the floor so that paint won’t mark it. Also, tape around the borders so the paint won’t drip down the walls. If you are painting the entire room, just start with the ceiling.

5. Your final step is to use the best equipment for the job. An easier alternative to the roller is the Paint Zoom as seen on TV. It’s a fast and accurate product, plus Paint Zoom cleaning is a breeze.

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