The Difference Between An Apex And Pent Shed

There are so many different types of wooden garden sheds in the marketplace and manufacturers are prepared to offer you so many variations of colours, materials and different sizes. Therefore, it is not an easy task to choose which wooden garden shed is right for your estate.

Once you have narrowed down to the type of wooden garden shed you wish to locate and your property, there is one question you will need to understand before you can make a decision, which is should you choose a pent shed or an apex shed?

The Difference Between An Apex And Pent Shed

The Difference Between An Apex And Pent Shed

You know the differences?

Unless you have a particular understanding of the English language or you have been in the market for a wooden garden shed before the differences between an apex shed a pent shed may be as clear to you as brain surgery and nano technology.

Let’s keep it simple; an apex shed has a conventional pointed roof shape. From the front or the back, the shed appears to be a triangular shape. A pent shed is a flat roof shed, but has a slight slope to it which allows rainwater to drain off in one particular direction.

The differences might be quite small to you, but once you have looked at a few sheds in your favourite store or online, you’ll see there is a substantial difference between the two finished articles and your decision between choosing an apex shed or a pent shed and make a big distinction to the overall effect of your garden.

Location, location, location

Your wooden garden shed roofing decision will probably be decided by the way you are going to use your shed and where you are going to locate it. Where location is important, a pent shed may become your best choice, particularly in an area where the height may be limited or some of your current garden features like bushes and trees, restrict the area you have available. If you have a low hanging tree or two you may wish to choose a pent shed because an apex shed would block whatever you could see beyond your garden shed.

The contents of your shed are also important, because a pent shed provides you with a higher availability on one side of your shed whereas an apex shed has its highest point in the middle. This might affect the way you are going to store some of your longer pieces of garden equipment.

Just because apex sheds are the traditional choice of roofing, your choice of wooden garden shed should not be based on tradition, but by what is appropriate for your uses.

If you’re a tall person, you might find an apex shed is more useful to you as it gives you extra headroom in the middle of your shed. This type of wooden garden shed also feels that it has more working space within it, although the actual differences may be less than you believe.

If you are unsure which style roof is best for your shed, take out your measuring tape and check to see that both roofing methods can be accommodated in your garden. Of course, the location of windows and doors is also important, but you need to decide first when you’re going for an apex shed or a pent shed, so you can then see which styles are available.

Whichever choice you make, your new garden shed is going to be one of the major features of your garden, so plan wisely and make your best choice.

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