The Effectiveness of Wooden Garbage Cans

Most people these days tend to use more traditional garbage cans that are made out of aluminum or a very thick plastic, but the value of a wooden garbage can is high and wildly underestimated. Don’t worry, though, about having to pick between the two varieties. A wooden garbage can is really just a cover for your existing garbage can. It acts as a kind of sleeve, or decorative top to the garbage can, but it still has a couple of useful qualities to it.

1. They reduce odors. A common problem with trash is that it stinks. It doesn’t matter where you go; garbage always carries a nasty odor. When you have a wooden trash can, however, it traps in the foul odors so that your kitchen or bathroom won’t have such a bad and embarrassing smell.

Wooden Garbage Cans

Wooden Garbage Cans

2. They help to provide a healthier atmosphere. A traditional old aluminum or hard plastic trash can makes it easier for air born bacteria and germs to find their way out of the garbage and into your breathing space. The wooden sleeve that you can place over them provides a stronger wall between you and icky germs and smells.

3. They look lovely. The most obvious reason to get a wooden trash can is because they just look a lot nicer than bare and uncovered trash bins. They offer a classy look to any kitchen, especially if the kitchen has wood paneled walls or wooden tiles. However, you can get the wooden sleeves in whatever style you chose. They can come in different colors and types of wood, and if you’re the more artistic type, you can always paint them in whatever design you think will best match your kitchen or bathroom décor.

Wooden trash can sleeves are a great way to accentuate the atmosphere of any room. They look like more than just a dirty old garbage can.They look like a decorative piece of your furniture selection.

So if you want your home to have a little hint of class, think about the smaller details. You use the trash can every day with little regard to its appearance. Why not make a small improvement you can see every day?

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