Using A Playhouse For A Kennel If You Have Large Pets

There comes a time when children move on from playing in their garden playhouse and as they become teenagers they will spend more time away from your home and playing with their friends because they demand more privacy than parents usually allow.

When this coincides with your need to place a large dog kennel in your garden, can you combine the two situations and reuse a kid’s playhouse and turn it into a kennel for your dog or dogs?

Using A Playhouse For A Kennel If You Have Large Pets

Using A Playhouse For A Kennel If You Have Large Pets

Your dogs need somewhere to sleep

You might have tried using your kitchen as a suitable sleeping area for your dog or you may have tried to move them into another area of your house, but if they are large dogs they will begin to take over your house and before you know it you may not have the most hygienic kitchen in your neighbourhood.

Even if your dogs are going to stay inside your house overnight, particularly during the colder weather, there’s no reason why they can’t live outside for the rest of the year. After all, they are wearing a fur coat already.

You will have the option of making a large dog kennel yourself or buying one from the many ready-made options you just have to two nailed together and place in your garden. This might not be the best option if you have a playhouse standing idle in your garden and are able to convert it into a large dog kennel.

The challenges you face

You will have to give time and trouble to solve the issue of how your dog will move easily in and out of the playhouse, especially if it is a large dog or dogs that are going to spend time in their new kennel. You can’t exactly give them the key or show them how to turn a handle unless they are talented circus dogs.

You will need to look at the way dog doors function correctly. Usually it involves cutting a hole in your rear house door and installing a dog door that flaps open easily and is often held relatively firm by magnetic clips.

The next challenge will be to get your dog using the dog door without any worries or stress for the dog or your family. Once your dog or dogs can go in and out of the playhouse quite easily, they will quickly get used to their new large dog kennel.

Even if you ask them, your dog will be quite pleased that you’ve been able to reuse a kid’s playhouse and turn it into a large dog kennel. They will enjoy having their own area in which to go and take a nap after a good run around the garden. This style of dog kennel will also be very useful if the dog’s family is out all day and has to leave them alone for long hours. The dog will be able to go into the playhouse at their leisure or choose to be outside if the weather is nice enough.

Reusing a kid’s playhouse as a large dog kennel can help the dog get all the exercise it needs during the day without having to be cooped up inside a small kitchen area inside your home. Your kitchen will benefit from having less dog hair flying through the air and settling on your food.

This article is written by James, who also writes for the top juicers 2016 reviews blog.

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